Selling A Mercedes Benz 300SC


Mercedes Benz 300SC

Considered to be the most desired and exceptional post-war Mercedes in the world, the Mercedes Benz 300SC sits at the top of post-war Mercedes collectability – with only 200 models ever made. With a sales price that was higher than the accompanying 300SL Gullwing at the time, the Mercedes 300SC had classic styling, luxurious interior accompaniments and exceptional technological advancements for its day. The 300SC was first introduced in 1955 as the successor to the very popular Mercedes 300S, with the two autos sharing many similar details. However, the Mercedes 300SC offered a fuel injection system as well as hydro-vac power brakes. There were some other small differences including the rubber stops on the bumpers of the 300S, which the 300SC has solid chrome plate bumpers with the word “einspritzmotor” on the rear. The SC is also noted for its stronger cowl, for its non-removable transmission cover, and for the side panels with horizontal chrome moldings.


Mercedes Benz 300SC Seller’s Tips

Produced from December 1955 to April 1958, only 200 units of the widely popular Mercedes Benz 300SC were made; 98 Coupes, 53 Cabriolets, and 49 Roadsters. If you’re looking to sell classic Mercedes 300 SC autos or would like to discuss the options when it comes time to sell Mercedes 300 models you’ve been holding on to, the team at wants to speak with you. They are always on the lookout to purchase classic European and American sports and luxury autos. If you have a vehicle that you think may interest them, you are encouraged to call them today! They are happy to pay top dollar and in cash for many types of autos including new, old, restored, restoration projects and exotic cars. Whether you have a Mercedes Benz 300, 300B, 300C, 300D, 300S, or 300SC model, please do not hesitate to connect with their team today.



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The Mercedes Benz 300SC is high desired by collectors and enthusiasts from around the globe. When you’re ready to part with your Benz, let the team at Alex Manos help you. They understand this marketplace better than anyone, as well as the importance and value these autos have had for their owners, and stand behind their sterling reputation for customer service and care. Connect today to get started!