Selling a Mercedes Benz 220SE


Mercedes Benz 220SE
Mercedes Benz 220SE

First debuted in 1958, the Mercedes Benz 220SE Ponton on the W128 chassis was a luxurious grand touring car available as a Coupe or Cabriolet. Produced from October 1958 to November 1960, the 220SE would be the last of the illustrious Ponton series, which had styling cues dating all the way back to the Mercedes 180 sedan of the early 1950s. Featuring a unit-body construction and a fully independent suspension, the Mercedes 220SE Ponton was truly remarkable for its time. A big – was the Mercedes 220SE ever big! To power this monster, all models were fitted with a 2.2L straight-six gasoline engine with an aluminum head, overhead camshaft, and Bosch mechanical fuel injection. Approximately 1,942 Mercedes 220SE models would be produced.

The Mercedes 220SE would live on a bit longer on the W111 chassis with the introduction of the Mercedes 220SE 111 in 1961. Unlike most Mercedes models that were debuted at an international auto show, the 220SE 111 Chassis model was released to the public in conjunction with the opening of the Daimler-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, as well as the company’s 75th anniversary. This new design would give way to the popular “fin-body” design that mimicked the exaggeratedly finned cars that were being produced in America at the time.


Mercedes Benz 220SE Seller’s Guide

When selling either of these models, condition should always be reflected in the price. Rust plays a large role in the overall condition of these classics and because restoration costs are high, buyers will be looking for the best model they can find in their budget. Similarly, chrome pieces are increasingly hard to find and quite expensive. If your model’s chrome is intact, be sure to mention this to your prospective buyers. Whether you’re the owner of a Mercedes 220SE Ponton or a later model Mercedes 220SE 111 Chassis model, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to learn more about your classic. Always on the lookout to purchase models of all conditions, let their team take the hassle out of selling. They are renowned for offering top dollar and pay in cash on the spot. In fact, they’ll even pick up your Mercedes classic from any location in the country, including Alaska.



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