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Mercedes 220SE Ponton

Offered on the W128 Chassis, the Mercedes 220SE Ponton was a 6-cylinder available as a Sedan, Coupe or Cabriolet. Introduced in October 1958 and running through November 1960, the 220 SE was the last of the “Ponton” series, which had design roots dating back to the Mercedes 180 sedan of 1953. Throughout the production there were only 1,942 Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet and Mercedes 220SE Coupes produced, which makes these beautiful classic Mercedes models some of the most sought-after and highly desired among both Mercedes and German auto enthusiasts. Offering a unitized body/frame construction and fully independent suspension, the Mercedes 220SE Ponton was a great everyday driver – even today.


Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet Seller’s Tips

If you are looking to sell Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet models, you’ve found the right place. Of the 1,942 220SE Ponton units produced, 1,112 were made in the Cabriolet body style and are a great example of early Mercedes history. These autos can range drastically in price depending on condition, history, completeness and mechanics. The team at Alex Manos can help you in verifying you indeed have a 220SE Cabriolet and in determining its potential selling price.


Mercedes 220SE Coupe Seller’s Tips

Even more rare than the 220SE Cabriolet models, only 830 of the Mercedes 220SE Ponton Coupe models were produced. Also note that these Cabriolet and Coupe models are prone to rust and there are not a lot of reproduction parts available, so models with less rust will be worth more to buyers.


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If you’re looking to sell Mercedes 220SE Coupe or to sell Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet Ponton models, the team at Alex Manos wants to talk to you. They are in the business of buying and selling classic European and American autos of all conditions and locations and are prepared to offer you top dollar on the spot if your vehicle fits into their collection. To discuss your specific car, connect with them today by calling 877-912-0007. They look forward to hearing from you soon and to making your next car sale as smooth and successful as possible. Connect today!