Selling A Mercedes 300 Adenaur?


300 Adenaur
Mercedes 300 Adenaur

The number 300 might not mean too much anymore, but back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, that number carried a lot of weight in the automotive world. The Mercedes 300 Adenaur was a top-of-the-line luxury automobile of the early 1950’s and was reserved for the rich and famous. Introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1951, the type 300 was greatly respected. The entire German industry was proud of the car. Its popularity was significantly increased by the fact that Mr. Konrad Adenauer, federation chancellor at the time, always traveled in one. This is why the car, which was long ago considered a classic, became known as an “Adenauer.” The car was also introduced in four versions the Type 300, 300B, 30C and 300D.


Mercedes 300 Adenaur Seller’s Tips

Would you like to sell your Mercedes 300 Adenaur? Whether your Mercedes Adenaur has been sitting in a barn for decades, is a pristine example of German luxury, or is simply a restoration project that was never completed, the team at Alex Manos would like to talk to you about purchasing your car. Their team specializes in the sale and acquisition of classic and vintage European and American sports and luxury cars. Having assisted countless clients sell their vehicles over the last decade, it would their great pleasure to assist you. Alex Manos and his team set themselves apart from the competition by offering top dollar, in cash and on the spot for your vehicle. They will also arrange free pickup from any location in the United States, including Alaska.



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