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1970-Mercedes-280SL-PagodaKarl Benz is credited as the inventor of the first true internal combustion gasoline engine in 1885. The Benz Patent Motorwagen was made in 1886. Benz and Daimler merged in 1926 though each still produced automobiles under their own names. In 1958 Daimler Benz began marketing in the US where Studebaker-Packard once was. Daimler-Benz merged with Chrysler in 1998 but in 2007 the two companies basically parted ways with the Chrysler sale to Cerberus.

Mercedes has long been held as the leader in safety and technological automotive advances. The world’s oldest automotive brand has highly sought after classic vehicles today. Many enthusiasts hold onto their vintage Mercedes for years, adding miles and miles. Others strive to restore a Mercedes classic by tracking down rare parts. Anyone who has ever owned one, just says, “There’s something about that Benz.” Are you ready to sell vintage Mercedes?


What’s my Vintage Mercedes Worth?

It was in 1958 that Mercedes entered into distribution in the United States. Until 1963 they worked closely with Studebaker dealers. The German engineering has been highly prized since. Significant, highly visible models have been produced over the years. 1928 saw the SSK racing car. 1936 was the world’s first diesel production car. In 1938, a speed record breaker. The Gullwing came on the scene in 1954. Fintails in 1959. In 1978 Mercedes first turbo diesel was introduced. It’s good to know about the truly special models if you wish to sell vintage Mercedes.

For generations Mercedes used an alphanumerical system to categorize its vehicles. C for coupe or cabriolet. D for diesel. E (Einspritzen) series were fuel injection. G (Gelandewagen) off-road. K (Kompressor) was the supercharged vehicle. L for lightweight sporting models. R for racing. S is special class or flagship models. T for touring. Many (but not all) of the numeric part indicate engine displacement. Lower case letters were often to indicate trim packages.

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