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When it comes to creating sporting and performance cars, the British company, Morgan, is top in its class. This iconic company was founded in 1910 and specialized in creating lightweight three-wheel cars, like the F-Series and the V-Twin models. Morgan has an extensive reputation for developing high-quality performance vehicles from the early 1900s until present day. The company’s three and four-wheel models developed between the 1930s and 1950s were praised for their performance and handling. All Morgan models during that era were created with a state-of-the-art suspension system that was designed for maximum handling, even when driven on rough and bumpy road conditions.

Cars made by the Morgan Motor Company are some of the rarest and most exclusive automobiles in the United States. It’s not every day that you find one of these stylish British cars driving down the road, so seeing one in action is guaranteed to attract attention. Because of their exclusivity, combined with the fact almost all Morgan automobiles have that vintage look that captures the spirit of cars made in the early 1900s, classic car collectors are happy to pay top dollar for a Morgan that’s been properly maintained.

Are you the proud owner of an automobile made by the Morgan Motor Company between the early 1900s and the 1950s? If so, you can expect for your three or four-wheel Morgan to sell for a pretty penny. Not only are these cars rare, they’re also popular because of their historical significance; many Morgan models were top performers in a number of European racing circuits.

The difficulty that comes with selling a Morgan is finding someone who is knowledgeable of the Morgan Motor Company. Selling your automobile to an average classic car collector who doesn’t know much about Morgan models is a guaranteed way to get less than what your car’s worth. For this reason, you should consider consulting the Alex Manos team before finalizing any decisions regarding your Morgan car.

Alex Manos has years of experience working with classic British automobiles, including Morgan models. After a quick inspection to verify if your car’s authentic, they’ll offer you a fair and competitive price for your classic car that will be hard to beat. You don’t have to do any work when you sell a car to Alex Manos, they’ll even arrange for it to be shipped to their Los Angeles showroom from anywhere in the United States for free. To learn more about how you can free up some garage space by selling your classic Morgan model, contact the Alex Manos office today and speak with one of their representatives.

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Morgan automobiles are praised for their sleek and compact design, and are popular among performance car collectors. Many Morgan models never saw sales in the United States due to regulation issues, which helped contribute to Morgan’s rare and exclusive brand image. This has led to an increased demand for Morgan classic models among collectors, investors, and restorers.

If you’re planning to sell your three or four-wheeled Morgan automobile, contact the professionals at Alex Manos. They have a team of professionals who are passionate about classic cars from across the world. Going through the Alex Manos team allows you to spend less time networking at classic car shows and auctions. They are happy to purchase your classic car from you with no questions asked, so that you don’t have to go through the long and drawn out process of trying to find someone truly interested in purchasing your Morgan automobile. Another benefit of selling your car through Alex Manos is that they will purchase your Morgan automobile despite its current condition. They’re happy to give you a fair and competitive value for your classic car, regardless of how much maintenance and restoration it requires. If you’re looking to sell your Morgan for top dollar without investing your money in restoring or repairing it, contact the friendly staff at Alex Manos. They’ll pay you cash on the spot your classic car!


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With years of experience in the classic car market, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to learn more about your classic Morgan and is always available for consultation. In fact, if your classic Morgan fits into their collection, they will make you a top dollar offer on the spot. How’s that for taking the worry and stress out of selling a classic? Connect with their team today to learn more.


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