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In an era where American muscle cars dominated the scene, the Morgan Plus 8 proved that small, lightweight cars still had their place in contemporary society. This classic sports car had a lifespan of nearly 40 years, seeing production from 1968 to 2004; because of the model’s overwhelming popularity, Morgan decided to bring it back in 2012. Unlike other Morgan models, the Plus 8 was built with bigger engine sizes. Owners could choose between a 3.5, 3.8, and 4.6-liter V8 model. Despite the larger engine sizes, the Plus 8 remained true to its roots and had the same vintage early 1900s body style that other Morgan models were known for. Overall, the Morgan Plus 8 was a successful automobile that stuck to the spirit of what made Morgan cars popular, while adapting to suit a more modern market.

Morgan Plus 8 Seller’s Guide


One of the reasons that the Morgan Plus 8 is so popular is because of its speed and easiness to drive. As a car designed specifically for racing, the Plus 8 has been able to beat various Porsche models in short races under 90mph. This has helped make it a popular car among European racing circuits. If you’re interested in selling your Plus 8 model, consider reaching out to Alex Manos for help. The problem with selling Morgan automobiles is that the majority of Americans know nothing about them, so they’re likely to offer you far less than the car’s worth. Alex Manos has a team of experts with years of experience working with classic British automobiles, including Morgan models, and will offer you top dollar for your Plus 8.

Alex Manos is committed to making the transaction run as smoothly as possible, which is why they’re happy to arrange to have your car shipped to their office from anywhere in the United States free of charge. To learn more how you can sell your Morgan Plus 8, or any other classic car model, contact the Alex Manos office today.



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