Selling a Rolls Royce Phantom I


Rolls Royce Phantom I

The Rolls Royce Phantom I was not a massive change from the Silver Ghost with the design largely. The only major change in step was an engine that was about 30% more powerful than the Ghost’s. The car’s exterior was also similar to the Ghost in most cases, b ultimately would have been left to the personal prerogative of the customer and the coachbuilder they preferred, each with their own unique way of going about things like with any handmade piece of art. Only the frame and mechanical parts came from Rolls Royce. This sort of extreme variability in the Phantom I can make it hard to define in simple terms, but in the history of Rolls Royce, it is irreplaceable

Rolls Royce Phantom I Seller’s Guide


It’s important to keep a cool head when selling a Rolls Royce Phantom I. You may be in a hurry to get rid of it, but pacing yourself will pay out in the end. Too many sellers have underestimated what they had and ended up swindling themselves through ignorance. Every coachbuilt Rolls Royce is a marvel from a bygone age and you shouldn’t disregard that. Getting your car inspected is an important step to legitimize the sale, but try to avoid making any major alterations. Replacing one inch of the original bodywork would be tragic and could adversely affect the vehicle’s worth. Because authenticity is such a factor in valuing a classic car, buyers can tend to be nitpicky. You might find yourself exhausted after endless examinations end with a single spot of rust being the fatal flaw. This along with the struggle for proper advertising space, scheduling test-drives on a full schedule, and addressing the niggling inquiries of customer can make the whole process seem daunting.

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