Selling a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost


Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

At first called the 40/50 hp for its rate of taxable horsepower, the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost would arise when Claude Johnson car ordered a special car in 1907, with hopes toward building publicity for the new 40/50s. This “Silver Ghost” was dubbed so for its aluminum paint, silver fittings, and hushed engine noise. Once referred to as the “Best car in the world” by Autocar magazine, the Silver Ghost is a one of the founding fathers of the automotive industry. As a testament to this, the original AX 201 Silver Ghost is in fact known today, as the most valuable car in the world, estimated to be worth about forty-eight million dollars. In 1925 the “New Phantom” would take up the mantle and all of the older 40/50s would officially adopt their unofficial nickname hence being known as “Silver Ghosts”.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Seller’s Guide


In selling a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, the main factor in determining its value will be age and originality. Any Silver Ghost you come across is going to be positively ancient (the oldest being from 1906), so a model in good condition with original parts is a real find. If you’ve got one such Silver Ghost, don’t change a thing! A bit of rust or a few scratches, are nothing compared to the devaluing effects repairs might have. Anything non-original can have an adverse effect on value, and it’s important to convey the condition of these things in detail when you’re putting it up for sale.

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