Buying or Selling a 1955 Triumph TR2?


1955 Triumph TR2
1955 Triumph TR2

The Triumph TR2 was a very successful and popular sports car launched in 1953, especially on the American market. The goal was to make an affordable sports car that would enable its driver to win rallies on the weekends, which meant the top speed of the car had to reach 108 mph. The Triumph TR2 offered thrilling performance and driving experience thanks to its 90-hp tractor engine with double carburetors and 4 cylinders. The driver could feel the road and experience racing conditions, although some complaints were heard about the tightness of the cabin. Walter Belgrove was responsible for the design of the TR2, using the Jaguar XK120 model as an inspiration and keeping the shapes simple in order to limit expenses. The TR2 was the best quality to price ratio on the market and its replacement, the Triumph TR3, would also be very successful.


1955 Triumph TR2 Seller’s Guide

If you own a 1955 Triumph TR2, you may already know a lot about Triumph and the different models. One fun fact is that the frames of the early TR range models were painted with whichever color were in the gun from the previous body paint. Later, the frame color was standardized to black. When you advertise your example of 1955 Triumph TR2 for sale, be sure to include some interesting facts, to raise the buyer’s interest. Call the Alex Manos team today for more information on the brand or models, as well as good tips and advice to make a smart transaction. In addition, their Los Angeles dealership is the home for a large inventory of classics of all makes, models, and conditions. The team is constantly looking for new examples to add to their growing inventory.



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