Selling a Lancia Flaminia Sport


Lancia Flaminia Sport
Lancia Flaminia Sport

Dedicated to performance, the Lancia Flaminia Sport was added to the Lancia Flaminia lineup at the 1958 Turin Motor Show in Italy. The famous coachbuilder Zagato would partner with Lancia & Co. to produce one of the most popular Lancia models of all time. The two companies had previously worked together on the Lancia Aurelia and the smaller Appia GT. This partnership would result in one of the most iconic Zagato designs of the era. Powering the curvaceous and streamlined body of the Lancia Flaminia Sport would be a 2.5L V6 that offered 199hp. Although quite similar to what was offered in the GT, the lower final drive ratio of the Sport would make it quite a bit more nimble and sporty to drive. The Flaminia Sport also holds the distinction of being the quickest accelerating of the Flaminia line. Nevertheless, the Lancia Flaminia Sport was not the ultimate racecar. It was rather a comfortable touring car that offered a fast, exciting and pleasurable driving experience. These are likely many of the reasons why you purchased your first Lancia Flaminia Sport – they should be shared with potential buyers so they can better understand what it means to be a Lancia Flaminia Sport owner.


Lancia Flaminia Sport Seller’s Guide

The design of the Lancia Flaminia Sport would feature many of the styling cues that Zagato had become famous for over the years. The double-bubble roof, the streamlined and rounded curvature of the body, the Plexiglas covers on the headlights and the “dog leg” kink in the rear pillars were just a few of these important styling cues. Perhaps one of the most loved features, however, was the abundant glasswork that surrounded the passenger’s compartment. It would allow light to flood into the car and provided great visibility. When selling a Lancia Flaminia Sport, it is important to remember that because all body panels were hand built, there are variations between examples. While some can be small, others can be quite elaborate. Because of this, it is important to ensure buyers are confident in your classic’s originality. While engine and chassis numbers are an important step to proving originality, having documentation regarding ownership history, maintenance and repair, or restoration can also help greatly. These are just a few of the Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team is delighted to share with their friends and clients who are thinking about selling a Lancia Flaminia Sport.



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