Classic Jaguar Seller’s Tips?

From its founding in 1922, British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar has become known for producing some of the most distinguished and visually appealing automobiles in the world. From the exceptional classic Jaguars of the 1950’s like the XK120, XK140 and XK150, to the illustrious classic Jaguar XKE of the 1960’s and 1970’s, there is a wide pool of buyers looking for Jaguars of all models and conditions for a myriad of reasons. When you’re ready to sell your classic Jaguar, you can be assured there will be interest. Known for their beauty, prestige and reliability, Jaguars are some of the most popular and recognizable classics today. Learn more about the particular models that buyers are interested in and explore the classic Jaguar Seller’s Tips you need to be successful by touring the resources of this website. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the most important classic Jaguar Seller’s Tips:

Classic Jaguar Seller’s Tips


  1. Prepare your classic Jag for sale

    Be prepared to provide potential buyers with the VIN number, engine number and/or chassis number for the classic Jaguar you are selling. This will not only help them verify the authenticity of your classic, it can pinpoint the date your classic was manufactured, the factory options it came with, and its original manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

  2. Appraise it’s current condition

    Early classic Jaguars are notorious for having issues with rust and corrosion. While the overall condition of your classic is directly correlated with its value, many buyers are not deterred by a little bit of rust, as they expect it on a car of this age. However, be sure to have pictures ready to show any areas of concern and ensure that your asking price reflects the overall condition of your classic Jaguar.

  3. Define Authenticity

    Understanding your particular model is also important to selling your classic Jaguar. Particularly in the 1950’s there were quite a few model configurations to choose from. There was the XK120, XK140 and XK150, and each of those had Fixed Head Coupe, Open Two Seater and Fixed Head Coupe 2+2 options. There were also different engine sizes and, of course, factory options. To ensure you understand the offerings of your particular model, you can contact Jaguar to receive a Jaguar Heritage Certificate for a small fee. This can also give buyers confidence in your particular classic.

  4. Decide to sell

    Do your research on comparable classic Jaguars and what they are currently selling for, paying close attention to models that have been stuck on the market for a while. If you need help evaluating your classic Jaguar, the Alex Manos team is always willing to sharing their knowledge and expertise on pricing with you.

  5. Or… save yourself the hassle!

    These are just a few of the classic Jaguar Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team has learned over their years of selling European and American classics. Always in the market to add new cars to their inventory, they would be delighted to learn more about your classic and, should it fit into their collection, would be happy to make you a top dollar offer in cash. Connect with their team today to learn more. They look forward to hearing from you soon and to helping you find a new home for your classic Jag. Connect today!

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