Classic Car Seller’s Tips

Whether you’re looking to sell a classic luxury sedan from the 1950s, a sports car from the 1960s, an cool unfinished restoration project, or a pristine full-restoration with pedigree, selling any vintage auto requires planning, time, and strategy. Unless you’re looking to move your classic out of the garage in the quickest possible way, selling it for a fair market price will take time. There are a few basic Seller’s Tips which are the important across the board – no matter what the make, model or condition your classic car is in. Alex Manos and his team are here to provide you both; the opportunity to sell to a top classic car dealer immediately, and the top classic car Seller’s Tips to help you get started yourself. Should you have further questions or want more-detailed information, please browse this website and contact us directly.

    1. Before you place the car for sale, take it to a qualified mechanic that specializes in that type of classic car. If there are repairs needed, consider how those additional costs may increase the overall value.

    2. Research similar models and see the range of prices for your particular classic. Typically, classic car values are higher for those that have been well maintained and are as original as possible. How does that year, make, model compare to others in the product line? How does car condition factor in? It’ also often best to avoid adding aftermarket parts to a classic if you plan on reselling it in the future.

    3. Put together an advertising plan. This may include an Internet or newspaper posting, pictures and detailed information about your vehicle, contacting local dealers, mentioning the sale to friends and family, and posting an ad in classic car magazines. You can increase the appeal of your classic by taking quality photographs.

    4. Respond quickly when potential buyers get in touch with you, and be sure to respond professionally. You are now in a salesperson role, and all that that entails. Obviously this often means bending to the prospect’s availability to view or discuss the car.

    5. Or… save yourself the hassle!  If you want to skip the time researching, advertising, dealing with all the tire-kickers etc, you may want to get in touch with the professionals at who can buy your car outright and provide a fair current market value for your car.

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