Looking for Classic Car Values?

One of the biggest challenges that sellers face is coming up with accurate classic car values. Casual car collectors and people without any experience in the automotive industry often have a difficult time accurately pricing their car. Sellers who don’t know what their cars are worth run the risk of overpricing their automobiles, or selling them for far less than they’re really worth. There are a number of different guides out there to help. Companies like Hagerty and NADA, as well as the Kelley Blue Book, are some of the entities valued by insurance companies and experienced car collectors for helping determine car prices.

Where Can I Find My Car’s Value?

Finding the true value of your classic is no easy task. While various pricing books can help get an “overall” idea of a car’s worth, they aren’t always accurate. There’s a lot of things that go into determining the price of a classic car, making it impossible to standardize the appraisal process. If you want to know how much your car is worth with a higher level of accuracy, you might need to hire an appraiser…

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Here’s a comparison of different valuation tools/services:

Kelley BlueBook

The KBB started publishing in 1926 and is widely used by car sellers & buyers. Info comes primarily from auctions in the US. Other sources of pricing data are manufacturers, dealers, private sellers, and rentals. Their criteria include car condition, warranty, popularity, and local market conditions. Vehicle conditions are rated as excellent, good, fair, & poor.

Nada Guides

NADA Guides were introduced in 1933 for the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). They use retail data versus the differences in car appraisals. Many dealers and trade professionals use NADA Guides as well as auction info to determine price. NADA uses three criteria; wholesale price, local market, and current nationwide retail prices.

Edmunds .com

Bases its True Market Value (TMV) estimations on actual vehicle sales transaction data of similarly-equipped vehicles in the same geographic region. On top of using sales data, Edmonds takes into account factors such as a vehicle location, color, mileage, condition and other options to help deliver a more accurate estimation of the vehicle’s value.

Hagerty .com

Hagerty Insurance offers a popular online valuation tool. Because of their focus on classic cars, they are often perhaps the most accurate and focused on more classic car details versus the other three. The company is long-established in classic car insurance, and provides auto insurance coverage to many unique car collectors and investors.

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