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If you’re ready to sell your classic car and you want to know how much you can get for it, consider reaching out to a professional appraiser who has extensive experience working with your make and model. They will be able to accurately assess your car and let you know how much you should get for the vehicle. You can also check out the classic car values on Edmunds and similar databases for a general ballpark figure.

Edmunds is a provider of car valuation services. They offer tools and resources to help people determine the value of their car, whether they’re looking to sell, or just curious about its worth. One of the key features of Edmunds’ car valuation services is their True Market Value (TMV) tool. This tool takes into account a number of factors that can affect a car’s value, including its age, mileage, condition, and location. It then uses this information to provide an estimate of what the car is currently worth.

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While Edmunds is a respected provider of car valuation services, they might not be well-suited for evaluating classic cars for a few reasons:

First, classic cars are older and have a different set of characteristics that affect their value vs. newer cars. Factors such as rarity and historical significance are often more important, and may not be fully reflected in Edmunds’ models.

Secondly, classic cars often require more specialized knowledge and expertise to properly evaluate. Classic cars may have unique features and components that are not found in modern cars, and these may require a deeper understanding. Edmunds’ appraisers may not have the same level of expertise or experience with classic cars as they do with modern cars, which could impact the accuracy of their appraisals.

Finally, the classic car market is relatively niche and may not be as well-represented in Edmunds’ data as newer cars. This could make it more difficult to accurately determine the value of a specific classic car, as there may be less data available on comparable sales and market trends.

For these reasons, it may be more appropriate for classic car owners and buyers to seek out the services of a specialized classic car appraiser or valuation service that has a deeper understanding of the unique factors that affect the value of classic cars.

Here’s a comparison of different valuation tools/services:


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