Buying or Selling a Classic Ferrari?

Founded by the charismatic Enzo Ferrari in 1929, the Ferrari Company initially sponsored drivers and manufactured racing cars only, before moving into road vehicles in 1947.

Ferrari has maintained a strong presence in competition racing throughout its history and many models were influenced by both road and racing markets.

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Ferrari – the home of the incredible 166 Sport and Spider Corsa, the ultra famous 250 series, the 275 series, the Dino models with non-V12 engines, the 365 series with the impressive Ferrari Daytona, followed by the gorgeous 308/328 series, the Ferrari 400, the Ferrari 348 and the Testarossa. Ferrari model names were defined either by the displacement in cc or the displacement and the number of cylinders, but some models were referred to with nicknames, such as the Daytona & Testarossa.

No matter what type of classic Ferrari you own, whether it’s a highly prized model in mint condition or one that isn’t yet recognized among the best classics and needs a little work, the Alex Manos team would love to learn more about it. As Ferrari enthusiasts themselves, the team shares your passion for classic Ferraris and understands what makes each model special.

The friendly staff also knows how difficult it can be to separate from a classic car, especially if you have an emotional bond with it, therefore, they’ll do everything in their power to make the experience a smooth an easy one. Thanks to years of experience dealing with buying and selling classic cars of all types, the team knows the market very well and can evaluate any classic Ferrari accurately, based on its history, condition and other similar model’s values.

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Alex Manos and his team have many years of experience buying and selling Ferrari classics, including the 1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT. They will make your selling experience very easy and convenient by taking care of transportation anywhere in the US and by paying cash on the spot. Call them today to inquire about their interest in your classic. They look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ferrari Testimonials

1987 ferrari mondial 3.2 cabriolet
Elliot P.
1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet
Beverly Hills, CA

“After I made the difficult decision to sell my car that provided our family with over 30 years of enjoyment, Alex Manos helped me make the transaction smoothly. He was understanding and professional. He took care of all the details of transferring ownership, picking up the car etc. quickly and efficiently. I found him to be trustworthy and honorable and would be glad to deal with him again in the future.”

1982 Ferrari 308GTSI
Norman K.
1982 Ferrari 308GTSI
San Jose, CA

“My experience dealing with Alex was 100% positive. He was professional, quick and at all times transparent in his dealings. He made an honest and fair offer and followed through faster than I could have hoped for. Would definitely do business with Alex again.”

1984 Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole Euro
Kim H.
1984 Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole Euro
Big Arm, MT

“Sold one of my Ferrari 308 a few years ago. Listed it on a Ferrari enthusiast website, and it was the worst experience I have ever had in selling a vehicle. When it was time to sell this last Ferrari, I decided to get in touch with Alex, who called me immediately. Conversation was easy-going and very cordial. Alex requested photos which I sent , and within 24 hours had a very fair offer. Sure, I could have sold it on my own but the convenience of not dealing with the rude inquiries, bottom feeders, Individuals thinking they’re an expert and trying to beat down the condition of the car was just not worth the hassle. I am extremely happy with how easy this whole process was. Highly recommend contacting Alex to anyone looking to sell their exotic or classic vehicle. Thanks again Alex!”

1989 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet
Joshua K.
1989 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet
New York, NY

“Alex and his team are consummate professionals and have elevated the buying and selling of classic cars to an art form. Absolutely the smoothest transaction possible with excellent communication and attention to detail. As an example of attention to small details that make things go smoothly: I was given, in advance, the cell phone number of the tow truck driver and a time when I could expect a call. As somebody who mercilessly screens incoming calls, having the number ahead of time ensured I actually answered. 10/10 would do business again.”

1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi
Fayed F.
1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi
Parkland, FL

“A very good experience. Very professional and helpful in making sure the transaction went very smoothly. I am very pleased with the outcome.”

1998 Ferrari F1 GTS
Brent W.
1998 Ferrari F1 GTS
Eugene, OR

“It was a great experience Alex made it really easy. The whole crew was great very professional made everything easy paperwork picking up the car. Thank you very much.”

1983 Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole Coupe
Gary B.
1983 Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole
San Diego, CA

“Alex was great! Very easy to do a deal with and his support staff did an excellent job in handling the Ferrari Mondial transaction and it was quick and easy.”

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