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Colin Chapman started the Lotus adventure in 1959 with the Lotus Elise, which was the first car using unit fiberglass construction. The manufacturer would specialize in building light sports car with excellent handling and aerodynamics. Competing with more luxurious vehicles such as Maseratis or Ferraris, Lotus remained simple and efficient without requiring the biggest engines. From the popular Elan to the sportier mid-engine Esprit, these characteristics were present in all Lotus vehicles. The total production numbers for Lotus models remained relatively low for each models and Lotus owners are part of a very selective club. Lotus has been a key player in automotive innovation, regularly providing consulting to other manufacturers in the domains of fiberglass fabrication and engine design especially.


Lotus Seller’s Guide

If like Alex Manos and his team you have a passion for classic Lotus cars, you most likely know a lot about the different models and the brand’s history. Should you be selling a model of classic Lotus, don’t hesitate to give much detail and share your stories and experiences with prospective buyers. The Alex Manos team would be delighted to assist you with your selling project. Not only does their Los Angeles classic car dealership is looking for new models to add to the growing collection, but also the team is known for sharing valuable tips and advice on how to sell a classic car quickly at a good price. Many buyers are looking for an easy to maintain, efficient and simple sports car, with no frills. Others will search for a more affordable unit that has some urgent service needs. Be honest in your description, it will save you time and hassle.



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