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“In spring of 2019, a relative died and left behind a sad, neglected treasure: a 1961 Ferrari 250GTE. It had sat in his garage for decades. He had left it to a family friend, who was not in a position to restore the car to its former beauty. As executor of the estate, for months I was plagued by very rude, aggressive vultures who’d heard rumors about the car and wanted to “take it off my hands” before my relative’s cremains had even cooled off. Eventually, I learned about, almost on a whim, entered a query on their web site with a brief description of the car. I was contacted almost immediately by Alex. Alex was persistent and professional, but not aggressive or rude, in his negotiations to purchase the Ferrari, which he purchased for a very fair price. Having dealt with a couple of real jerks, this was refreshing. The electronic payment came through speedily, there was a truck to pick up the car within 2 days, and overall the staff was very helpful explaining what paperwork would be needed for a car that hadn’t been registered for so long. I’m glad to see there was a quick turnaround on getting the car reasonably cleaned up and on the market, on its way to someone who will love it and drive it as was meant to be. I’m glad to recommend, efficiency, professionalism, and great attitude.”

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