Gerald C.

2005 Bentley Arnage R
2005 Bentley Arnage R

“I enjoyed a perfectly positive transaction experience with Alex Manos. I contacted him, offering my 2005 Bentley Arnage R, perfect condition, 18,000 miles. Alex responded promptly, asked for pictures, and then offered a satisfactory price. We quickly finalized the deal. Alex sent payment immediately to my checking account. I completed necessary paperwork, which with all maintenance records on vehicle, were returned next day delivery. Alex arranged for a quality car hauler (Julio) to pick up vehicle located 1,000 miles away, in two days. I watched as hauler drove off with “my” Bentley loaded, seeing a luxurious part of my lifestyle for 15 years, disappear into the sunset. I like to do business quickly, but carefully especially when remote as this was done. Alex is honest, straightforward, courteous, and appreciative of customers.”

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