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1967 porsche 911 testimonial
1967 Porche 911

“In January I inherited a Porsche 911 in the very very early stages of restoration from my mom. I remember riding around with her in it when I was a little girl. Unfortunately this car hadn’t run in over 10 years and had just been sitting in the basement. The car had been in my family for 40 years so it had some sentimental value. When my mom passed away I really didn’t know what to do with this car because I didn’t have the knowledge or extra cash to put in what was needed for this car. I started asking friends about it and trying to figure out how I could go about selling it to someone who knew its potential. A friend who was in a Porche club was contacted by alex inquiring about early year 911’s so he called me immediately and thats was all it took. Alex was extremely easy to work with as was his sweet assistant Allison. They offered me a wonderful price I couldn’t refuse. so within a matter of a week They had sent me a cashiers check and I sent of my title and they came to pick up the car the next week. The process was so easy and safe for me. I was able to deposit the cashiers check and let it clear before I sent off the title. It was all fedex’d to me with a return envelope that I only had to drop off. I am very happy that the whole ordeal was as easy as it was. The only complaint was the specific transport they sent were a little last minute and showed up late and I actually had to push the car to help these two men. This had nothing to do with Alex though he was great. I would definitely recommend!”

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