Sharon M.

1966 Porsche 912
1966 Porsche 912

“I was watching a classic car show on TV and thought I think I will see how I can sell my 1966 Porsche 912.. it been collecting dust for years! I got on the computer and searched … how do I sell my Porsche 912 1966 model… boom..there it is Manos.. signed in..immediately get a phone call.. asks for pictures… send pictures by text… Manos calls… I have no idea what to ask the Porsche. gives us a quote, my husband and I talked about it briefly while on the phone still.. Manos and I had a hand shake agreement on the deal.. said he would get cashiers check by FedEx to me by next day by 4:30.. I had the cashiers check the next day!!! BY NOON!! They made all the transportation arrangements and today my Porsche is headed to California! !!! Great deal! Almost surreal… but I figured it out… if I had bought silver I would have less money than that Porsche !!!!”

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