Selling Your Mercedes 280SL?

Here’s Some Things You Should Know!

Combining sporting performance and incredible touring comfort, the Mercedes-Benz 280SL is an iconic, masterfully designed vehicle. Ahead of its time, it is now remembered as a popular and glamorous vehicle driven by celebrities of the era.

Perhaps you currently have a 280SL for sale, or you’re looking to flip one. Either way, selling an old Mercedes 280SL can be profitable. But selling an authentic 280SL isn’t just about putting a few pictures up on Craigslist. For the best outcome, you’ll want to understand the market and your car as best as possible.

Classic car expert Alex Manos is here to help you learn more about selling your vehicle, the 280SL’s value today, and how to evaluate your car’s condition so that you can get the best price for your vehicle.

The 280SL Mercedes-Benz – Brief History

The Mercedes-Benz line has been a well-respected producer of premium cars for nearly a hundred years. In that time, they’ve come out with speedy race cars and comfortable luxury vehicles alike.

The 280SL was significant because it combined the speedy racer design that won the 1963 Spa-Sofia-Liège Rally with the luxury every premium car buyer wants. This two-seat roadster premiered in 1967 as part of the W113 lineup and has wowed the world ever since.

The name 280SL Pagoda came from the slightly concave hardtop. As a convertible, buyers could choose between a hardtop or soft-top. The soft-top was often ideal for areas where sudden showers could occur.

280SL Pagoda Model Years

The vast improvement to the 280SL engine design and performance was not an overnight miracle. Throughout the years, the 280SL Pagoda continued to develop. And with each model, this classic car became more valuable.

The last iteration from 1971 was by far the absolute best since its debut in 1967. But what happened during those 4 years of 280SL Mercedes-Benz production? 4-speed automatic transmission and air conditioning transformed the line from just a sports car to a grand tourer vehicle. With an upgrade to the 2,778 cc M130 engine170 PS maximum power and 180 lb-ft maximum torque, this finally delivered the power needed to the W113.

Tips for Your 280SL for Sale

Consider these factors:


First, you want to take a look under the hood. Is the vehicle still drivable? A 280SL engine can still run like a charm with its durable design. But that is only if the 280SL engine is well maintained.

If you see smoke upon acceleration, you may need to inspect the pipework for rust that is blocking injectors. If the oil has gone dirty and damaged the pump, you may need to invest in replacing it. You may also need a 280SL Mercedes-Benz specialist to help with misfiring or overheating if the car has been left idle for a long period.

280sl engine


Bodywork accounts for not only the aesthetics of the vehicle but also the durability and life expectancy of the car’s future. So, you’ll want to check for rusting and rotting thoroughly. If the car is rotting in common trouble spots, this could spell danger for the future of the car as it has been weakened. Speak with a specialist to see how you can help.


The 280SL interior is a sign of luxury and comfort. In fact, it was originally notable for being one of the softest cushioned cars on the market! So having the 280SL interior intact can greatly help the price tag.

The filling of the seat cushions can disintegrate over time. There can also be water damage on the base. Thoroughly inspect for damage and consider whether restoration is the right investment.

1971 280SL interior

Restored, Project, Barn Find Cars

Just because your Pagoda isn’t in perfect condition doesn’t mean that it is worthless. Sellers like Alex Manos purchase cars in less than mint condition every day. However, it may affect just how much you can sell your car and which buyers will be interested.

Perhaps you have found an old Mercedes 280SL that was left to rust. But a little or even a lot of rust can still provide a drivable car. Getting a professional’s help to see what potential the car still has can give you more information.

Cars that receive regular service or maintenance and are driven regularly demonstrate it is still a usable car. How it looks is considered after that! So don’t walk into any sale blind. By doing some homework on your car, learning about its past and present condition, you can sell even an old Mercedes 280SL barn find and get a nice check in return.

Advice from Alex: 280SL FAQ

If you’re looking to sell a classic car, Alex says doing your homework will go a long way. Understanding your vehicle and the market is key. Potential buyers out there might not know enough about 280SL value today, and others may be well-versed on the subject and seek to take advantage of you. In these cases, knowledge is power.

To better understand your position as a seller and know if and how to put up your 280SL for sale, consider these frequently asked questions before you post or contact any buyers.

1968 280SL

Should you sell your Mercedes 280SL?

The 280SL Mercedes is an incredibly popular and iconic car. Because of this, buyers are often looking to purchase a 280SL for sale. So if you have this sporty, luxury vehicle, you’re in luck.

Selling this classic car can bring in a nice bit of money for yourself. But beware of agreeing to a price with the first buyer who comes along. To accurately assess a 280SL’s value, you should always speak with an expert first. They will be able to give you the most accurate evaluation of the car.

Whether you sell your roadster directly from a rusty barn find or do your own full restoration, there will be potential buyers. So do your research and have a price tag in mind to sell with the best offer. 

What is the best place online to sell a classic Mercedes 280SL?

You can sell a 280SL anywhere online. But for the best price for your 280SL Pagoda value, you can’t just go anywhere. From the uneducated to the scammers, there are people everywhere looking to cut you a rotten deal.
That’s why we always recommend you work with reliable, trustworthy sites. This would mean businesses that are committed to buying and selling classic cars. When you work with a specialist, the 280SL Pagoda’s value is fully appreciated. Working with a professional like Alex Manos will help ensure a successful sale. 


How can I know if my Pagoda classic car will appreciate?

Appreciation and depreciation vary as the market changes. People become interested or less interested in different cars over a period of time. So it can be difficult to predict whether your 280SL Pagoda will appreciate in the short term. But you can always keep an eye out for how much other Mercedes classic convertibles sell to get a good sense. 

280SL Pagoda Price Guides

As we’ve mentioned, the condition of your car affects the sale price. And because people buy 280SL vehicles in all sorts of conditions, from rusted out and rotting to mint condition, the price range is pretty wide as well. To give you just a general sense, a 280SL can go for anywhere between $10,000 — $100,000+.

Prices may come down not only to condition but personal preference as well. For example, a car in a more attractive color to buyers may go for a higher price. While the 1971 model is often regarded as one of the best years, a buyer may be nostalgic for the original model. It can be difficult to predict exactly where a specific car will come out.

Selling Your 280SL? Call the Experts

With the market always changing and opinions on various cars swaying, it can be hard to know the best way to sell a 280SL Pagoda. That’s why working with a trusted, classic car professional like Alex Manos is a must.

Don’t trust buyers on social media to offer you a fair price. Instead, get the expertise and guidance you need to get the best deal for your 280SL for sale! Alex Manos at Beverly Hills Car Club is always looking to buy a classic 280sl. Get in touch with us today to start talking about selling your car to a trusted and experienced classic car buyer.

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“I want to give you the best price on the market for your classic car!”

– Alex Manos