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Few people have a love for vintage cars as much as Angelenos. It’s common knowledge that car culture in Los Angeles is huge; after all the city is known for its customization shops and restoration centers that among other things, make old automobiles look brand new.

Do you own an old American or European car that you want to get rid of? There are a number of people in the Los Angeles area who’d love to drive your vintage car down Sunset Boulevard, but the trick is finding someone willing to pay what your automobile is worth.

Selling Your Classic?

Selling a classic car in Los Angeles can be tough. Finding the right buyer can be a challenge, even in a city of 3.8 million! You might need to visit auto shows & auctions where you can network with people in the classic car space, and you’re still not guaranteed to find a interested buyer. If all of this sounds like a major headache, contact Alex Manos instead.

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They specialize in purchasing classic cars and are committed to making the transaction go as smoothly as possible. You don’t have to worry about restoring your car or hiring an appraiser, they do all of that for you. Once they’ve given your car a quick inspection, a friendly member of the Alex Manos team will offer you cash for your car, no questions asked.

The benefit of going through Alex Manos instead of any other Los Angeles car collector is that you’re guaranteed a fair and competitive price without any of the hassle. The convenience that comes with selling your classic car has made Alex Manos one of the most popular classic car investors nationwide. To learn more about how you can turn your vintage car into cash, contact or visit the Alex Manos office today and speak with one of their friendly associates and tell them you want to sell your classic car

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Alex Manos has a team of professionals with years of experience buying classic cars. They’ll happily appraise your automobile and make you a fare and competitive offer in cash. Selling your car to Alex Manos means that you don’t have to worry about any of the hassle that comes with selling a car. They’ll do all of the work for you and will even arrange to have your car shipped to their Los Angeles showroom from anywhere in the United States. Get started today by speaking with one of their representatives. Tell them that you have a vintage automobile that you want to turn into cash.

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