Selling a 1968 Camaro RS?

Chevrolet released the second model year of their classic Camaro sports car in 1968.

This iconic vehicle was just as stylish as it was quick, which helped make it one of the most popular performance cars in its day.

Selling Your Camaro?

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The fact that the Camaro was designed in with a number of different performance packages meant that the casual motorist could enjoy a quick inline-six baseline Camaro, while hot-rodders and racing enthusiasts could purchase powerful V8 models that were built specifically for speed and handling. One of the most popular Camaro packages was the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS, which was an option that all Camaro models could add. The Camaro RS wasn’t a performance upgrade, but rather an aesthetic one. It gave the car a new set of head and tail lights, including reverse lights under the bumper. This upgrade also gave the car more stylish decals, fenders, and bumpers, which made it popular with every type of Camaro owner.

Your 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS is a beautiful two-door sports car that perfectly captures the spirit of American muscle cars in the 1960s. Many regard this car as an important part of automotive history and will pay handsomely to add it to their collection.

Before you sell your Camaro RS, make sure to have it properly inspected so that you can get an idea of its true value.


Then, try advertising in your local paper and other automobile magazines that service your area. You can also visit auctions and car shows and network with people in the industry who may be interested in buying your classic car. If you want to sell your car without any of the extra work, contact the Alex Manos team and tell them that you want to turn your 1968 Camaro RS into cash. They’ll pay you top dollar for your classic car and will even ship it from your location to their California office. Call them today to learn more.

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Alex Manos and his team have many years of experience buying and selling classic sports cars, including all Camaro models. They will make your selling experience very easy and convenient by taking care of transportation anywhere in the US and by paying cash on the spot. Call them today to inquire about their interest in your classic. They look forward to hearing from you soon!


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