Selling Your Classic European Car?

sell-your-classic-european-carI’m a serious buyer of European classic cars and my team of car enthusiasts specialize in the purchase of European classic cars. Our goal is to find great classic automobiles of past generations, whether restored, project cars, in disrepair and otherwise, and ultimately find the best home for these exceptional vehicles. If you are looking to sell your classic European car, We’re a one-stop shop. Cars of interest include Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Austin-Healey, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Fiat, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Porsche -to name a few. Top dollar is paid for these vehicles and we will pick up from any location. Our team understands the European car market better than any other, and will work to ensure your transaction is as smooth and successful as possible!

What’s My European Classic Worth?

When it comes time to sell classic European cars, one of the most important steps is determining the value of your car and the desire within the marketplace for that particular brand and model. Let’s talk today!

Recent Reviews:

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  • John N
    18 Sep 2020
    EXcellent transaction start to finish. Fast payment and excellent communication with documentation, shipping, etc. An outstanding team that I look forward to presenting other authors in the near future.

  • Collin
    18 Sep 2020
    Alex and the team were fantastic every step of the way!! Any questions that I had regarding the process were taken care of and responded to almost immediately!! I will definitely use and recommend Alex and his team to anyone!

  • Russ
    18 Sep 2020
    no problems, everything was as he stated, money was here well before the transport.

    The driver did a great job and all went smoothly. I would gladly deal with Alex and his team again!

  • Dan M
    15 Sep 2020
    A very organized and professional group of people. Alex made what I thought was a fair offer for my car. I accepted and almost immediately money was deposited to my bank account. That same day the trucking company called to make arrangements to pick up the car. It was an overall good experience. Thanks, Dan

  • Vibhakar Shah, M
    14 Sep 2020
    I still find it very hard to believe how easy and fair the whole transaction was! It was difficult for us to sell this 1987 Mercedes 560 SEC as we loved the car. I felt very reassured that Mr. Manos will take great care of our car and find it a good home. I have another classic car and will definitely ask him first when I am ready to sell.

  • Jeff
    12 Sep 2020
    Alex and his team made the selling process flow perfectly. The price I received seemed a little low but this was more than made up by how Alex and his team provided excellent customer service from start to finish. When considering everything a five star plus experience.

  • R.l R
    11 Sep 2020
    Overall excellent experience. Very professional with a quick and easy process! Fair price offered for my car

  • Allan
    10 Sep 2020
    Selling to Alex is the real deal. Simple, straight forward and quick. Alex is a reasonable guy, with reasonable expectations. Alex will call, you talk, you get to a place where both parties can achieve a win, and within a day (or less) you get paid. Alex also has an exceptional team, from the people that manage his title transfers to those responsible for arranging shipping – everything really was a well-oiled machine – and frankly, not what I expected based on some prior experience with other buyers. I’ve bought and sold well over 20 cars in the last 10 years, including private sales, remote purchases and dealer agreements – none were as smooth and transparent as working with Alex and team.

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