What’s My Mercedes-Benz 500 E Worth?

Letting go of your beloved Mercedes-Benz 500 E / E 500? Find its perfect next chapter here.As one of the nation’s top classic car buyer/dealers, we understand the current day values for your 500 E. When the time comes to part ways, you have a ready and serious buyer.

Where Can I Find My Mercedes’s Value?

Of course everyone wants top dollar when selling their prized-possession, but often equally important when selling are the costs of hassle, hussle, and haggling over all the issues that buyers require. Shipping difficulties, shady characters, these are also factors to consider… Finding the value of your classic is no easy task, and pricing books/tools only give an “overall” idea of a car’s worth. If you want to know how much your car is worth, you have to actually sell it!

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Who Buys Mercedes-Benz 500 E / E 500?

A few of the major concerns for a Mercedes-Benz 500 E / E 500 buyer include:

Mileage – how far has this car been driven and what’s been replaced/repaired
Color – it your car’s color currently desired by the fan base
Year of Release – some prefer the 500 E versus the E 500
Condition – it is a salvage, project car, daily driver, or a fully-restored masterpiece?

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Compelling facts for Mercedes-Benz 500 E fans:

The Engine:

Hand-built 5.0L V8: Developed for the SL roadster, it pumped out a mighty 322 horsepower in the 500 E, a significant jump from the standard E-Class offerings.
Cosworth Modifications: The legendary British motorsport company tweaked the engine for optimal performance in the 500 E, further enhancing its responsiveness and power delivery.
Zero-to-60 in 6.1 seconds: This was lightning fast for a luxury sedan in the early 90s, blurring the lines between elegance and sports car performance.


Porsche Collaboration: The subtle yet impactful bodywork modifications were done by Porsche, including wider fenders, a lower stance, and aerodynamic enhancements, all seamlessly integrated into the classic E-Class design.
“Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” Appeal: The understated exterior hid the car’s true potential, making it a sleeper car that surprised unsuspecting competitors and onlookers.
Quad Exhaust Pipes: A subtle but unmistakable hint of the hidden power lurking beneath the refined exterior.


Luxury Redefined: Despite the performance focus, the interior remained a sanctuary of Mercedes-Benz luxury. High-quality leather, wood accents, and meticulous craftsmanship delivered the expected comfort and sophistication.
Sporty Touches: Bolstered seats, a thicker steering wheel, and specific gauges hinted at the car’s performance capabilities without sacrificing overall elegance.
Unique Features: The 500 E offered special options like Recaro sport seats and a rear spoiler, further accentuating its sporty character for discerning buyers.

These are just a few of the key highlights that would pique the interest of any classic car enthusiast. The 500 E’s unique blend of power, luxury, and subtle design cues make it a true icon, and each detail tells a story about the innovative collaboration and engineering prowess that went into its creation.

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