Selling a 1976 Berlinetta Boxer 512?

BB512The first Berlinetta Boxer was the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 BB, only produced for a short period of time, and replaced in 1976 by the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512. Powered by the same flat-12, mid-mounted engine, the 1976 Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512 had an improved displacement of 5 liters—whereas the first model only had a capacity of 4.4 liters. Another improvement was the addition of a dry sump system, which lowered the car’s center of gravity and helped scavenge oil. The Pininfarina body was carried on from the first BB model, with slightly larger proportions improving the handling. The most recognizable design cues were the addition of a front spoiler and low-drag air inlet design in front of the rear wheels. Most of the components and parts were retained, including the five-speed transaxle and suspension system.

1976 Berlinetta Boxer 512 Seller?

The Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer was quite popular among car enthusiasts and the motoring press, although the model was never successful on the track. As you may know, the 1976 Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512 was not directly imported to North America, as the cost of adapting the model to comply with safety and emissions regulations was too costly according to Enzo Ferrari. Third parties organized imports to the USA however, and many BBs were made available in the country. Be sure to give details to potential buyers on your classic car, as they will want to know what work was done on the model.

Ferrari BB buyer Alex Manos

Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512
Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512

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1982 Ferrari Mondial 8
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1982 Ferrari Mondial 8
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1989 Ferrari Mondial T. Cabriolet
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1985 Ferrrari 308GTS Quattrovalvole
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1985 Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole
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1982 Ferrari 308GTSI
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1984 Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole Euro
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