When you’re ready to sell your classic pre-1974 Mercedes Benz automobile, or to learn more about AlexManos.com, please Call Today: 877-912-0007. We pay top dollar in cash for many types of vehicles; new, old, restored, projects, and exotics.
Mercedes Benz
Manufactured by: Mercedes Benz
Model: 190sl, 230sl, 250sl, 280sl

230SL 250sl 280sl 190SL

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190SL 230SL 250SL 280SL

We are Classic Mercedes Benz automobile experts in the marketplace and want to purchase your classic Mercedes for sale! Whether your Mercedes is in mint condition, or was in a barn the last 30 years, we will buy your car today if it fits our collection of classic Mercedes automobiles. If you have a vintage Mercedes Benz that you’re looking to sell, any SL series, roadster, coupe, cabriolet, or gullwing, regardless of your car’s condition, PLEASE CALL US NOW AT 877-912-0007, or contact us via our website.

At AlexManos.com we are happy to pay Top Dollar and in CASH for many types of Mercedes: 190SL, 230SL, 250SL, 280SL, and more! NEW, OLD, RESTORED, RESTORATION PROJECTS & EXOTIC cars. Contact us today with any information about your classic car and any questions how we can help!

We are happy to pay Top Dollar and in CASH for many types of vehicles: NEW, OLD, RESTORED, RESTORATION PROJECTS & EXOTIC cars. Our expert appraisal and white-glove services help us to stand out in the marketplace and get you the best deal.

alex manos
“I want to give you the best price on the market for your classic car.”
- Alex Manos


Are you looking to SELL these Classic Mercedes?

300SL Gullwing
300SL Roadster
300S Convertible
300 Coupes
300 Adenaurs
300SE Cabriolet

Mercedes 190SL
Mercedes 230SL
Mercedes 250SL
Mercedes 280SL
Mercedes 500
Mercedes 540K

280 SE Convertibles
280 SE 3.5
280 SE Coupes
250SE Cabriolet
220SE Cabriolet
220A Cabriolet & Coupes
220B Cabriolet & Coupes

In Any Condition!


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    SELL Your Vintage Mercedes SL
    For Top Dollar:
    1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1977, 1968, 1969, 1970, and 1971


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